Having completed the revitalisation of the tenement house at ul. Ogrodowa 65 in Warsaw, we have placed a commemorative display cabinet in the courtyard. Behind the glass are historic items commemorating the past of the pre-war building.

The display cabinet is located prominently in the courtyard just by the gate to the building and contains parts from the original internal lift manufactured by the well-known Warsaw firm Roman Groniowski SA. It also holds photographs from the Węgiełek family archive, including a portrait of Władysław Węgiełek (from 1912) – the founder of the famous transport company and the original owner of the tenement – and a photograph from the rebuilding of his company after the war in 1946 (with Ogrodowa 65 in the background).

The display cabinet is now a permanent fixture and serves to remind both residents and the local community of the building’s rich history. History has also been preserved in the original details of the building, reproduced by our company during revitalisation work, including the modernist gate, balustrades, glazing and brick facades.

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