RealCo in the role of Santa Claus

This year's edition of the Christmas card competition was organized by RealCo Property Investment and Development Sp. z o. o. under the slogan "The magic of Christmas". Children of the Warsaw Children's Home of Fr. Baudouin were invited to participate in the action. The task was to create artworks, referring to the Christmas atmosphere.

The competition has been resolved and three selected projects have been used for Christmas cards, signed and sent to contractors, business partners and friends of RealCo. All children have been awarded - we have provided products that, through play, support the child's artistic development, stimulate its intellectual and physical development, and at the same time help the carers in their everyday hard work.

For children and carers from the House of Fr. Baudouin is a nice Christmas accent, and for the RealCo team it is a good opportunity to play the role of Santa Claus and help those who need her very much. We encourage other companies to undertake similar activities.

House of Father Baudouin at Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw is the oldest existing children's home in Poland. It has been operating continuously since 1736, and is an important part of the city's social history and a significant example of an institution illustrating the history of childhood, a testimony to children's stories.

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