Apartments at Wilcza 19 are already on sale

In the house at Wilcza 19, 41 apartments will be created, designed in a new division and spread over six floors. All apartments will have individual storage rooms Underground garage is provided for the most demanding customers. Modern elevators have been designed, and in the front part of the house, just as from the very beginning of its existence, an area dedicated to two service premises was planned.

The house at Wilcza 19 is more than a residential investment... Wilcza 19 is a story hidden in details, it is the beauty and elegance of a cozy building set in the midst of historic buildings in a prestigious location - the center of Warsaw. And finally, Kamienica Wilcza 19 means exclusive apartments finished to a high standard "ready to move in".

The foundations of the existing house at number 19 were created around 1872, when Ludwik Okryński bought the empty plot. The form and appearance of the building has changed over the years. The house was erected in several stages. The oldest part of it is the western outbuilding, built in the second half of the nineteenth century. The front of the building was later created, probably at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. The newest part of the house are two outbuildings: east and back.

The house at number 19 has a wide, eleven-axis façade and a vaulted gate, covered on both sides with cast iron recesses. The former beauty of the building is reminiscent of two risities that embrace the façade on both sides, and in them the windows of the second and third storeys are closed, unlike the others, with semicircular arches.

Revitalization carried out by RealCo will help to save historic building elements, and as a result of cooperation of the investor, renowned architects and conservator, Wilcza 19 will join the group of luxury objects on the map of Warsaw, while preserving the beauty hidden in historical architectural accents.

Wilcza 19 is a prestigious address in the center of Warsaw in a perfect neighborhood of Krucza, Piękna and Hoża Streets.

Here, in the vicinity of the historical buildings, renovated tenement houses, Plac Trzech Krzyży, full of examples of impressive architecture from various eras of city development, you can find the true atmosphere of Warsaw, located in the very heart of the city in a renovated tenement house.

The attribute of the very center of Warsaw is well-developed public transport, Metro Centrum and Metro Politechnika are the nearest subway stations. The central location also provides direct access to the rich cultural and entertainment base of the city, and at the same time allows for contact with nature. From here, you can reach green areas in a short time, such as the Park of Marshal Edward Rydz-Śmigły, Dolina Szwajcarska, Ujazdowski Park, and further - the famous Łazienki Królewskie.

From here it is close to Mokotowska Street with exclusive clothing and shoes boutiques. A walk to Hala Koszyki takes only 10 minutes. Nearby is the Plac Zbawiciela, where the social and restaurant life is vibrant.

Those interested in non-commercial movies will be pleased by the proximity of Kinoteka in the Palace of Culture and Science, and among the closest theaters, the Polonia Theater, the Buffo Studio and the Roma Musical Theater, are worth pointing out.

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