Młyn Maria




Discover a unique place

This is where the heart of Wrocław beats, and the Odra laps at the city’s islands. Ostrów Tumski and the Old Town Square are just a short stroll away, and the vast swathes of greenery and waterfront create an oasis of peace. This unique place is perfect for those who love the urban lifestyle, who like to meet friends, go on trips to the shops, the cinema, the theatre or maybe a restaurant, while at the same time remaining in close contact with nature.

Discover the little known history

The history of Młyn Maria’s buildings has for centuries been intertwined with the history of the city. When in 1562 city planners built mill canals in Wrocław, they did not realise that almost 500 years later, thanks to revitalisation, Młyn Maria would become one of the most prestigious buildings on the Odra. The post-war development of the food industry on the outskirts of the city meant that the mill became obsolete. Over the centuries only one thing has not changed: the mill’s canals that faithfully accompany it. Now, the centuries-old buildings are undergoing another metamorphosis.

Discover the new face of Młyn Maria

The post-industrial revitalisation will allow Młyn Maria’s deserted rooms to take on a new character and pulsate with life. The most important elements of Młyn Maria’s architecture, such as the solid, historic layout of the window openings, and the method of finishing the façade, will be kept unchanged. The levels of the ceilings will be precisely aligned with the windows levels, and the industrial spaces will be illuminated by windows specially designed for the building. In place of the mill machinery, silos and warehouses, apartments have been designed that fit harmoniously inside the historic walls. Production of flour will be replaced by residential and commercial functions. It's a process that will give Młyn Maria a new lease of life.