Property Investment and Development

Realco is a real estate developer that is a part of the polish capital group Warsaw Equity.

Our business is based on tradition and respect for history combined with our sense of taste and aesthetics, which allow us to restore historical buildings and give their neighbourhood a unique character. We welcome the challenges involved in renovating historical properties and we restore them to their former glory with our determination, persistence and experience.

We are glad to be able to free the potential of neglected buildings and improve parts of the city space together with our clients and partners.


Realco was established in 2010 by managers with over 10 years of experience in real estate and finance. In 2011, realco became a part of the polish capital group warsaw equity. So far, we have successfully completed projects with a total usable floor area in excess of 45,000 square meters with a value amounting to almost pln 400,000,000. We are constantly developing and building realco’s market position as a reliable and trustworthy developer.

Our goals

The centres of old polish cities, despite their rapid development, still have neglected historical quarters with period architecture whose potential has not been fully utilised.

We wish to play an active part in improving the aesthetics of our cities and catching up with the western and other cee countries.

Our goal and best recommendation are our satisfied clients, who appreciate our commitment to real works of architecture and our attention to detail in restoring their former glory.

Our team

RealCo is comprised of professionals based in two cities: Warsaw and Wrocław. The overall operations are overseen by a two-person executive board led by Maciej Gotkiewicz and Piotr Jaśkowski. Throughout the implementation of our projects, we engage in partnerships with esteemed architects, technical advisors, and both general contractors and construction subcontractors.

Realco Property Investment and Development Sp. z o.o.

ul. Zielna 37,
Budynek C, Piętro IV
00-108 Warszawa

+48 22 395 75 34