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The owner of the website Domain is the company RealCo Property Investment and Development Spółka z o.o. based in Warsaw.

RealCo Property Investment and Development Spółka z o.o. makes every effort to ensure all data presented is complete, up-to-date and in accordance with the facts; however, it assumes no responsibility for the consequences of using the data, in particular for damages incurred by using the data in decision-making, including investment decisions. The published data is for reference only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.

All rights are reserved. The rights to use, copy and distribute all available data are protected by law as stipulated in the Act of 04.02.1994 on Copyright and Related Rights (Journal of Laws No. 24, item 83, as amended).
RealCo Property Investment and Development Spółka z o.o. fully recognises users’ rights to privacy and personal data protection. Using the Domain does not require users to provide any data that allows them to be identified.

RealCo Property Investment and Development Spółka z o.o. reserves the right to change the rules for using the Domain at any time. Such changes shall come into force on the date of their publication.

  1. Cookies

The website collects information on users and their behaviour in the following way:
by collecting information entered voluntarily in forms.
by storing cookies in end-user devices.
by the hosting operator operating at collecting web server logs.

  1. Information in forms.

The website collects user information entered voluntarily in forms.
The website can also save the information on connection parameters (time stamp, IP address).
Data entered in forms shall not be disclosed to third parties unless the user agrees otherwise.
Data entered in forms is processed for the purpose stated in the form, i.e. to process an on-line service request or to reply to a business inquiry.

  1. Information on cookies.

The website uses cookies.
Cookies are digital data, in particular text files, stored in the end-user’s device. They are required in order to use the website. Usually, cookies contain the name of the website they come from, the time when they were stored in the end-device and a unique number.
The entity that stores cookies in the end-user device and accesses cookies is the website operator.
Cookies are used for the following purposes:
statistics, which help us understand how users use our website and allow us to improve its structure and contents;
maintaining users’ web sessions (after logging in), so that users do not need to enter their login and password on each sub-page;
determining users’ profiles in order to present personalised contents in advertising networks, in particular Google.
In general, the website uses two types of cookies: „session cookies” oraz „persistent cookies”.„Session cookies” are temporary files stored in an end-user’s device until the user logs out, leaves the website or closes the software (web browser). „Persistent cookies” are stored in the end-user’s device for the time specified in the cookies parameters or until removed by the user.
Usually, the web browser automatically allows cookies to be stored in the end-user’s device. Website users can change their cookies settings. It is possible to remove cookies from a web browser. It is also possible to automatically block cookies. Further details can be found in the help section or in the web browser’s documentation.
Limited use of cookies can affect some functions available on the website.
Cookies stored in the end-user’s device can also be used by advertising companies and partners working with the website operator.
We recommend reading the privacy policy of such companies in order to learn the rules of using cookies for statistical purposes: Google Analytics Privacy Policy.
Cookies can be used by advertising networks, in particular Google, in order to display advertisements adjusted to the user’s behaviour on the website. To this end, they can store information on the navigation path or the time spent on the website.
Regarding user preference information stored by the Google advertising network, a user can view and edit the information related to cookies with the following tool:

  1. Server logs.

Some information on user behaviour is server-logged. Such data is used solely for the purpose of administering the website and providing the most effective hosting service.
Viewed contents are identified by the URL. Other data that can be stored include:
request incoming time,
reply outgoing time,
client station name – identified by HTTP,
information on errors during the HTTP transaction,
the URL of the website previously visited by the user (referrer link) – in case our website was referred to,
information on the user’s browser,
information on the IP address.
Such data is not associated with individuals viewing the website.
Such data is used solely for the purpose of administering the website.

  1. Disclosure of data.

Data is disclosed to third parties solely as permitted by law.
Data that allows a natural person to be identified is disclosed only with the consent of such a person.
The operator may be obliged to disclose information collected by the website to authorised bodies upon their lawful request to disclose such data.

  1. Management of cookies – how to express and revoke consent?

Users consent to receive cookies. In the event of no longer wishing to receive cookies, users can change their browser settings. Please be advised that blocking cookies necessary for authentication, security and user preference maintenance may hinder or prevent the use of websites.
In order to manage cookies settings, a web browser/system should be selected from the list below and the ensuing instructions should be followed:
Internet Explorer
Safari (iOS)
Windows Phone

  1. The visualisations presented on the website are for reference only. The appearance of buildings and land use may change slightly in the realisation process. All rights are reserved. The rights to use, copy and distribute all data and materials available on this website are subject to the provisions of the Act of 04.02.1994 on Copyright and Related Rights (Journal of Laws 2006 No. 90, item 631, as amended).